Justin Bieber Tour 2016 Purpose Tour Coming to a City near you!

Purpose is here and it’s bringing one of pops biggest stars back into the limelight! The Justin Bieber tour 2016 is going to be a very important date on many fans calendars. He was just on the Ellen DeGeneres show and that’s where he made the announcement that he will be going on the road once again in the new year. He is going to be putting on performances all over the world. This includes countries like Canada, America, the United Kingdom, and Ireland.

Interestingly enough, Justin was not able to remember when he would start playing shows when he was on the Ellen DeGeneres talkshow! Thankfully, the staff at the Ellen show was not quite as forgetful as the star himself, and they displayed some graphics for all of the fans at home putting them know that the new concerts would be kicking off on March 9 of the new year. Tickets for these brand-new shows are going to go on sale next week. So if you are one of his fans, be sure to be on those ticket websites when the seats drop. Everyone is already extremely excited for his brand-new Purpose concerts. Singles like sorry, and what do you mean, really show off his new, mature sound.

In addition to concert news, he also spilled the beans about his recent breakup with another pop singer Selena Gomez. Justin is good friends with Ellen, and has no problem giving her the inside scoop. Back in October this star couple finally broke up for good after they had been dating intermittently since 2011. That doesn’t mean that they will never get back together. One day, we could possibly see the pair back as a happy couple! When asked if there was a possibility that they might go back, Justin said that because they share so much history together, you can never rule out a possible reconciliation.

Right now the two stars are busy doing their own things, and going out on their own personal journeys. We’ll see what happens in the future. Right now though, the most important thing to focus on is the fact that we get to see an all new Justin Bieber tour 2016. Fans are more thrilled than ever about this upcoming tour due to the fact that Justin has been releasing so many amazing singles. He has been absolutely dominating the charts! At this point, he pretty much has as many number one singles as any other musician out there. His album Purpose is a number one hit after all.

All throughout this recent comeback record, Justin has been smashing world records left and right. He has even surpassed artists like Drake and the Beatles. Even they were not able to match Justin’s record of having 17 singles in the Billboard top 100 tracks in a single week. During the first week of his album release, there were also over 2 million streams of his new album on the website spotify. With volume like that, other artists are going to have a hard time keeping up with the resurgent star!

These tickets definitely are going to be cheap when we are talking about a starlike Justin Bieber. But your best chance to get the lowest price that you can is to pick up your tickets as soon as you can. We are still a long way away from March, and the prices are not going to go any lower. Act fast and secure your tickets while you still have the chance to! These things are definitely not going to be sitting on the shelves for very long!